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Core values
We create a strong bond between the product and the user through the combination of rational UX/UI and emotional graphic design.
Passion for invention
We grow professionally and develop our industry by bringing something new to every product.
Desire for deep insight
We strive to understand the process in order to provide effective solutions.
We do not work on projects associated with tobacco, alcohol or pornography.
Dual Screen Phone
Automobile and Motorcycle Manufacturer
Photographic Equipment Maker Media Company
Number One Publisher in Russia
National Airline of Russia
Iconpeak, Mobile Advertising Specialists
International Platonov Arts Festival
Voronezh State Academy of Arts
Voronezh Chamber Theatre Group
Technology Park in the Center of Moscow
Food-rate, Food Assessment Service
Kazan Hyperlocal Media
Mass Media about Family
Mass Media about Movies
Voronezh Mass Media, Mass Media and City Web Portal
Red Keds Creative Agency
Grape Advertising Agency
Agency One Advertising
Netology Online Education Center
Insurance Business Group
Communist Party of the Russian Federation
Shopping Club
On of the Largest Malls in Europe
Aluminum Factory
ABOVE + Moscow Institute for Cultural Research
Department of Architecture and Urban Planning
Ironmill Fasteners