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Core values
We create a strong bond between the product and the user through the combination of rational UX/UI and emotional graphic design.
Passion for invention
We grow professionally and develop our industry by bringing something new to every product.
Desire for deep insight
We strive to understand the process in order to provide effective solutions.
We do not work on projects associated with tobacco, alcohol or pornography.

Manufactura is a team of developers of mobile apps and websites enriched with expertise in graphic design and experience gained from projects in our own lab.


Mobile apps

Graphic design and branding

Project support

Based on data for the 1st quarter of 2016

Our team consists
of 21 people.

Experience of working with the following types of companies:

  • high tech,
  • startups,
  • new media,
  • production,
  • education.

Average hourly rate:


Dmitriy Provotorov
Product Manager, COO

Sizer app, which was designed under his guidance, became Apple’s App of the Week and was nominated for the Webby Awards. He signed contracts with tech startup incubator Digital October, leading Russian advertising agencies Red Keds and GRAPE, Eksmo publishing house and YotaPhone 2. He took part in the development of over 200 IT projects.

Denis Pavlov
Economist and Entrepreneur, CEO

Former Dmitriy’s client, in 2008 he made Dmitriy an offer to found a digital company: "My investments, your ideas." The author and driver of An admire and owner of Harley Davidson.

key persons

Dmitriy Sidorov
Art Director and Product Manager. Joined the company in 2011. The author of Manufactura’s recognizable style.

Elena Moiseeva
Lead Mobile App Designer. Started at Manufactura in 2010.

Maxim Zakopaylov
Technical Director. Joined Manufactura in 2015 together with his mobile development team.

Olga Zarezina
Head of Customer Service. Joined the company in 2013. Started at the bottom and worked her way up.


  1. Lab. We develop our own products and perform research. That’s how we gain priceless experience and improve our competences.
  2. Excellent UX and UI. Proved by famous international awards and several large companies that trust us.
  3. Advanced technology. Focus on the use of the best technology stack.
  4. Kanban. Management process concentrated on long-term partnership and risk reduction.
  5. Security. Keeping confidential client information safe.


  • Aestheticism. We create a strong bond between the product and the user through the combination of rational UX/UI and emotional graphic design.
  • Passion for invention. We grow professionally and develop our industry by bringing something new to every product.
  • Desire for deep insight. We strive to understand the process in order to provide effective solutions.
We help you see the problem from a different perspective and offer outstanding solutions for your products.
The role of our team

Products of our lab

Our own projects and small startups help us gain experience in product development to share it with our clients.

Easybank, a personal finance app. Launched MVP. Currently analyzing user behavior and collecting feedback to verify and adjust the product development roadmap. Android app is being developed at the moment., hyperlocal media. Successful Voronezh new media. 5 000 daily readers, 80 000 unique visitors per month. Joint projects with Fujifilm, RedBull, Samsung, Tissot, MTS.

Sizer, clothing size converter for iOS. Over 500 000 users worldwide. Apple’s App of the Week and the Webby Awards nominee. The second version of the app is currently being developed.

Timenotes, an app that counts years, days, hours, minutes and seconds to or since any event. For example, the number of years you have been married for or days left until the New Year. The second version of the app is coming.

The Cup of Galfar, children’s fantasy book on the App Store. Developed together with the book author., a service for quick creation of wedding websites. Looking for a product manager who will be in charge of its further development.

RSPLS, a game with the main characters of The Big Bang Theory show and voices from Kuraj-Bambey familiar to all Russian-speaking fans of the series. It was launched as a part of Sizer’s promotional campaign., an app that rated opinion leaders on Twitter. It was launched when there were only 500 Twitter users in Voronezh and was shut down when the number of users increased to 50 000 and our servers could not handle the load.

Social responsibility

Our company is always open to participation in educational projects that affect the development of digital industry in our region.

  • We partner with Calvert Forum Voronezh, Voronezh State Academy of Arts and International Platonov Arts Festival.
  • Manufactura sponsored Earlydays, an educational event for beginning entrepreneurs, and was a co-organizer of the Design Weekend in Voronezh. Our specialists often speak at local and international IT events.
  • We invite speakers from Russia and Europe to Manufactura's Lectorium. The goal of the project is to enhance skills of Voronezh graphic and web designers.
  • We support projects that help teenagers choose their career path by developing educational programs, giving lectures and offering internship positions. Cooperation with YOUNG business school and its My Career camp is one of such examples.
  • regularly organizes Trends for Friends garage sale, Restaurant Day food festival, Christmas fair and leads RunForFun running club.

3 customer reviews

Felipe Ogibowski,
Iconpeak Co-founder, Berlin, Germany

"Manufactura is a reliable supplier of topnotch design expertise, technical skills and quality service. They have become an important partner and enabled us to scale our product development according to our strategic goals."

Andrey Esaulov,
Head of Prototyping Department at, Cologne, Germany

"We chose Manufactura for our mobile app development because we needed somebody who would perfectly implement our ideas. The app design should not stop Apple and Google from featuring our apps. We've been working together for over a year and Dmitriy Provotorov and his team keep surprising us with unique ideas and solutions. Thank you."

Sergey Ponomarenko,
Head of development and support services at Red Keds

"Great service, quick communication and high quality work. Now we have someone we can always count on."

Our portfolio. What to start with.

  1. YotaPhone 2: UI for 10 Dual-Screen Phone Apps.
  2. Inde: Kazan New Media
  3. Konstantin Ashifin’s Mayoral Election Campaign
  4. Voronezh Camber Theatre: Wayfinding Signage

Technology stack

  • Swift
  • Java
  • Node.JS
  • Sails.JS
  • Ruby on Rails
  • React.JS
  • #b_
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Amazon Web Services

State accreditation in the field of information technology