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Kazan New Media


When Vasiliy opened the Sound Design Institute, he started looking for partners who would help him build websites of the Institute workshops. Vasiliy was looking for cost-efficient solutions. He had the following requirements. All sites would be managed by one person. Each workshop would require only one page. Daily traffic would start from 300 visitors. The sites would be updated no more than once a month and their main functions would be advertising and providing information about the workshops.

Vasiliy Filatov,
Media Producer and one of the best sound designers in Russia, who worked with Disney, YotaPhone 2 and Mr. Freeman.

Alexey’s goal was to launch a media site for parents and children. The audience interest to the site would let him generate ad revenue from it. Alexey has contributed his own money into the project and plans to have over 15 000 daily visitors. New articles would be published three times a day and after a while they would take up dozens of thousands of pages. For Alexey Kandaurov the website is the main source of profit.

Alexey Kandaurov,
Chief Editor of Polavkam online magazine.

These two people have different goals, different target markets and different expectations. The role of the website in their businesses is also completely different.

Since the establishment of Manufactura we have taken part in the development of hundreds of sites. Some of them look similar, others are completely different, but every one of them is unique. It’s important to find the right solution that meets the client’s needs.

Let’s take a look at different types of projects, their features and costs.

The website development cost is not only money, but also experience and unbelievable effort of our developers.

The detail of each solution is given below.



  1. Those who need to put a web address on their business card.
  2. Those who don’t have enough money for an online store, but need to start from somewhere.
  3. Those who aim to make the customers' lives easier and improve customer loyalty by placing information about their business online.


You have special requirements to the website features and design.

Customer review

Vasiliy Filatov,
Founder of the Sound Design Institute

"We are an educational institution teaching new technologies in audiovisual media. Setting new standards in a rapidly changing industry requires using advanced technologies and finding effective solutions. The attitude of our team towards the site is the same as towards any process that takes place in the Institute: every detail matters. It’s not only the site structure that’s important, but also its design and usability. The guys at Manufactura are also perfectionists: they pay attention to every detail of the site without ignoring its overall goals and objectives. I have known Dmitriy Provotorov for several years; each of his projects can encourage and surprise. What I like most about Manufactura is accuracy of their work and team coherence. They have not just developed the site for us; they have developed a flexible style we can use for our projects over and over again. It’s also important that they used the platform we had already been using. This allowed us to rebuild the site quickly without changing the existing IT processes."

Development cost *

we Use

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Those who want to invest in advertising and gain maximum profit.


You want to dictate us how to work. We acknowledge your competence in running your business, you trust us as design and online marketing experts.

The main purpose of a landing page is to provide you with a customer flow resulting from advertising.

That is why it is made up of just one page, doesn't allow updates and isn’t optimized for search engines. It simply doesn’t need this. Our experience in online marketing will help fill your contact list with interested customers and your mailbox with orders.

Our solutions allow to add features like calculator and forms, integration with payment systems, CRM and other services.

Let’s have a look at the efficiency of two landing pages developed by Manufactura for companies in two different industries.

A landing page works as follows:

We buy ads in Yandex.Direct, Google AdWords or social media.

The ads direct potential visitors to the landing page.

The landing page motivates them to request a quote or give you a call.

You convert leads into sales.

Customer review

Yulia Boykova,
Supply Division Manager at Electrocomponent

"We contacted Manufactura about a year ago regarding support of our website. A month later they suggested us to do the audit of our site and ad campaign in Yandex.Direct. Based on the results we decided to build a new site. The goal was not only to update the site design and technical characteristics, but to build a website that actually generates sales. They first calculated the cost of ad campaign, forecasted the number of leads that we will receive during the first month and developed a backup plan. Then they built landing page and developed a new ad campaign in Yandex.Direct. During the first 10 days of the campaign we got 16 new leads, which is about what all of our marketing channels used to generate per month. Despite the fact that it was a national ad campaign, the cost per click was relatively low."

development Cost

we use

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customer review

Vyacheslav Pravdzinsiy,
Organizer of the Community Forum

"I’d like to highlight creativity of your team. When the schedule is tight and there’s no time for detailed explanation, your ability to quickly grasp the idea, come up with possible solutions and estimate the time and resources needed is awesome. As far as management goes, our team was a bit disappointed that any further modifications of the site were time and money consuming.

Actually, this project was not an easy one. At first we were thinking about just an interactive event board, but then decided to add data storage and information about speakers. The site turned out fresh, hot and trendy. Usually web-developers don’t pay much attention to design. In contrast, Manufactura's team manages to find good balance between aesthetics and technical implementation."

development cost

we use

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  1. Online stores.
  2. Startups and online services.
  3. Complex enterprise solutions.


You are not planing to invest more than $14 000 into your website.

customer review

"I used to work at a company similar to Manufactura, so it was interesting to see the process from a customer’s standpoint and check the quality of work based on my own experience. I really enjoyed our meetings when we discussed the project milestones. I think that Manufactura could have plunged deeper into the content or we should have set less rigid requirements in our technical specification. But overall we are very happy with the result and would recommend Manufactura to our friends and coworkers as a reliable partner."

Kirill Konshin,
Head of IT Department at IBG

development cost

design only

we use

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Customer review

Yuliya Turanova,
Chief Editor of Inde online magazine

"We’ve been working with Manufactura since July 2015. Their team built the website of our online magazine Inde from the ground up: they designed it, programmed it and made it mobile responsive. Despite of working remotely communication has always been easy. For instance, we can track the work progress on Trello boards. We synchronized Trello with a separate Slack channel and get notified about all changes on our boards. We had a few disagreements with Manufactura’s designers on the use of fonts, but those type of things are typical in the design process and can be easily solved.

I want to thank their team for promptness in dealing with our questions and requests. The account manager that works with us is always ready to help, even on her days off.

I particularly enjoy following the founder of Manufactura Dmitriy Provotorov. He created the company where he wanted to work himself and I believe all of Manufactura employees are happy to work there too. This is really cool!"

development cost

we use

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According to Tagline analytical agency, Manufactura is among TOP50 Web Design Studios. This ranking includes Russian companies that are experts in web design and visual solutions.

TOP50 Digital Production Outsourcing Companies ranking by Tagline includes companies that focus on digital production for a larger digital agency or company. Manufactura is among such companies.

According to Tagline analytical agency Manufactura is one of the TOP100 Leading Digital Companies in Russia. This ranking includes Russian contractors that develop and support corporate websites, online stores and other interactive solutions.

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— Is it possible to set an “pretty” email address (for example,

We will do it for free on the basis of Google or Yandex solutions if you order website development.

— Can you develop a site with UMI.CMS?

Any pre-built, off-the-shelf CMS will only work for your business if it can solve 80% of your tasks. We prefer custom-built ones as they allow us to build the most effective solution. When it comes to a off-the-shelf software, we would recommend Bitrix CMS or Wordpress. However, if we fail to convince you to change your mind, we will develop your site with UMI.CMS.

— How is the price determined?

The price depends directly on the amount of time required for project development.

— What is your work process?

We will be pleased to tell you about it when we meet! Call us at +49 160 5334487 or send us an email.

* The stated cost of development is not the cost of the projects given as examples, but the cost of projects similar to them.