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UX / UI design
from one of the top-20 design companies in Russia. Our design involves in communication and creates an emotional response in a mobile app or a web-service through our experience in media, mobile, motion, 3D design and visual communications.
Native app development
Easy to support and to growth. 90% hit the estimation time, 98% fault tolerance for apps with more than 100 000 users, confirmed by projects for our german clients. Technical consulting included on all stages of the project.
Web-services (SaaS) React development
with Redux, PostCSS, Webpack, D3.js and Snap.svg. Project with 138 screens including more than 1 000 elements in our portfolio.
MVP launch for mobile apps / web-services in 2 weeks
We have transformed our experience, gained in hackathons and “hot-deadline” projects, in a development process.
Increasing your app's users loyalty
from 10 to 300% with first results in a month by using HOOK FRAMEWORK.
Testing 5 and more mobile app / web-service growth hypotheses
(retention, virality, conversions, DAU/MAU) by using 15 GROWTH HACKING instruments in 2 weeks.