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Core values
We create a strong bond between the product and the user through the combination of rational UX/UI and emotional graphic design.
Passion for invention
We grow professionally and develop our industry by bringing something new to every product.
Desire for deep insight
We strive to understand the process in order to provide effective solutions.
We do not work on projects associated with tobacco, alcohol or pornography.

Brand platform development begins with the workshop with the client lasting from 3 to 5 hours. If the workshop does not give us enough information, we carry out additional research. The result is a document, which the company may use to manage their marketing and PR activities or personnel training. It also serves as the basis for the company logo and corporate identity design.


5 working days from the interview date.


These are companies from the following sectors:

  • mass media;
  • medicine and pharmaceutics;
  • IT-startups;
  • game publishers;
  • real estate;
  • manufacturing;
  • HoReCa.

Logo design includes two stages:

  1. once the brand platform is complete, we create quick logo sketches and present 1 to 3 possible versions of the logo to the client;
  2. after discussing them with the client and approving the concept we design the final version.


5 working days.


A standard set of elements of corporate identity and brand carriers includes:

  • typefaces;
  • colors;
  • pattern;
  • business card;
  • document header;
  • promotional items.

We adapt it according to your company needs.


5 working days or more.


Depends on the number of brand carriers

It guarantees that employees and companies possibly engaged in preparing branded carriers in the future will strictly follow the principles laid down in the document. The guidelines include rules for corporate identity usage, as well as some good and bad examples.


5 working days.



Our approach to the development of wayfinding systems is described in detail in the Voronezh Chamber Theater project.


Magazine master layouts are the layouts that demonstrate the visual culture and style of a magazine through all possible ways of organizing the material. We have designed about 200 layouts for Slova magazine and described the whole process in detail; it perfectly demonstrates our approach.


Graphic design services generally come with our main service — mobile app development. Our skillful graphic designers assist with the development of mobile app logos and icons as well as design of promo materials for the App Store, Google Play and social media. You can read more about it in StadtMeister project in our portfolio.


The directional sign system developed for Voronezh Chamber Theate was featured in Behance Graphic Design Gallery.

Ironmill received the first call 5 minutes after their branded cars appeared on the streets of Seattle.

The slogan “Love Voronezh, Moscow will wait” that we came up with for has become the slogan for all non-capital cities of Russia and was replicated on billboards in Saratov, Omsk, Sevastopol and Buryatia.

The opening of the street restaurant “Myasnoy kult” went viral on social media and produced free media coverage because of the logo we created.

When deciding on the corporate identity and the website for the newly established Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, we wanted them first of all to be open and clear. We think that it is very important for the public authority to give proper attention to providing information about its activities. We contacted Manufactura because of their creative spirit and good reputation. Now we can confidently say that they are true professionals. In the end we got exactly what we were looking for: user-friendly, simple and stylish site. Manufactura’s specialists are very tolerant, respectful and attentive to our requests. We appreciate it very much and will gladly work with them again.
Andrey Erenkov, Deputy Head of Architecture Development Division at the DAUP

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— What if I already have the brand platform? Can we get to the logo design right away?

Sure. Send us your brand platform and we will be able to make a more precise logo design proposal.

— Is a corporate identity style guide the same as a brand book?

A brand book is basically the document that the client receives when the brand platform is complete. This document contains information about the main brand characteristics. The corporate identity style guide is a manual on corporate identity usage and is sometimes miscalled a brand book.