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Core values
We create a strong bond between the product and the user through the combination of rational UX/UI and emotional graphic design.
Passion for invention
We grow professionally and develop our industry by bringing something new to every product.
Desire for deep insight
We strive to understand the process in order to provide effective solutions.
We do not work on projects associated with tobacco, alcohol or pornography.
"Mayoral election in Voronezh became noticeable after Konstantin Ashifin's website went viral on social media."
The Moscow News about mer-voronezha.ruThe Moscow News about
"It's not about black or white, good or bad. It's about new, more understandable, perhaps, more real political technologies..."
Look At Me about mer-voronezha.ruLook At Me about
"There’s a boom of local Internet media in Russia, as online newspapers and magazines spring up all around Russia, from small rural towns (district centers) to large cities of one million or more people. Some of these sites get noticed on a national level.Voronezh’s Downtown is one of them."
Russia Magazine about Downtown.ruRussia Magazine about
"They did a really good job with beautiful sleek design, trendy branding and new formats that local online newspapers are just starting to use."
The Village about Downtown.ruThe Village about
"The website, a cross between Time Out and Dazed and Confused magazines, publishes articles about the best places to eat and the lifestyles of the local beau monde as well as meatier think-pieces. What sets Downtown apart is its arguably loftier goal: to stem the migration of the city’s creatives by inspiring them to stay local."
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